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In 2021, League of Legends (LoL) is a very popular MOBA game. It is the largest esports arena in the world. There are different stages of competition. For making everything fair and fun, LoL divisions based on players’ performance. Starting with Iron, up to Challenger at the top. Unfortunately, things are not that fair and not easy to get.

LoL is a Great Team Game

In summary, you are as strong as others in your team. They may drag you down. Because of that,  your rank may not be reflecting your own performance. In lower divisions, you will find lots of terrible players. A LoL Smurf Account may be your escape from the “Elo Hell”.

Not Enough Time in Real Life?

Leveling is a time-consuming and undoubtedly a boring process. We can save your valuable time. Buying champions is another very time-consuming activity. A LoL Smurf Account with lots of champions may be a good solution for you.

Wanna Taste the Feeling of Best Divisions?

Gaming styles and knowledge positively increase with better divisions. You will see lots of terrific plays from the good summoners. You will definitely feel the intense competition and feel like a professional esports player with a LoL Smurf Account.

A Learning Tool?

You will learn almost nothing from bad summoners. In contrast, you will learn lots of good things from skilled summoners. They will find your weaknesses much easily and you will learn a lot. A LoL Smurf Account will make you a much better summoner.

Testing Things Risk-Free?

In LoL, you try to play your best. Sometimes you need to try different  things to become a better summoner. If you win, it is all good. However, if you lose, your ELO and MMR will be decreased. Trying new things with a LoL Smurf Account is absolutely a risk-free approach. It will not affect your main summoner and you may lose all the games.

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Lots of accounts for you

Azakana offers more than 1000+ unranked/premium accounts that you can choose. A perfect account of your dreams is awaiting you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smurfing in LoL means playing on lower divisions instead of your main. For instance your main is diamond and you play in silver division.

Ideal for practicing more and more,

Perfect for trying new roles and different runes, items,

Trolling other players for fun,

You will enjoy the new challenges with a smurf account,

You will have a better rank and MMR in the game,

You can play in different regions.

When you buy a LoL Smurf Account from us, you are covered with our guarantee. In case of any event that lose your account, we will provide another account for FREE. No risks…

We literally deliver 24/7 instantly and automatically. 

We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Stripe.

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