2021 Mid-Season Invitational is back again following a year’s rest. Session of 2020 is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the participant’s safety and health. However, at this meeting, there is something beyond brilliance and wonderfulness on the line for the leading and best groups in League of Legends. Mid-season invitational earns a higher degree in this year. Riot Games presented another format on March 30. 2021 for the current year’s tournament, giving groups a greater amount of a motivator to perform on the worldwide phase. The session has regularly provided LoL fans with a decent sign of powerful region paving the way to the World Championship of League of Legends game, which will be held in September. However, worlds have consistently been the game’s chief competition, granting the highest prize pools, displaying the better theorist scenes, and composing the greatest features. This year’s tournament will be held in Laugardalshöll Sports Center Reykjavik, Iceland, and start on May 6. The grand final will be on May 22, as announced.

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Teams And Format

Riot Games is getting rid of the play-in stage this year and dividing each of the 11 regions into four levels depending on the aftereffects of the last two years of worldwide competitions. These regions and their tiers at MSI 2021 are respectively below.

  • Pool 1 – China: Royal Never Give Up (RNG), Korea: DWG KIA, Europe: MAD Lions
  • Pool 2 -North America: Cloud9, PCS: PSG.Talon
  • Pool 3 – CIS: Unicorns of Love, Latin America: Infinity Esports, Turkey: fastPay Wildcats
  • Pool 4 – Brazil: paiN Gaming, Japan: DetonatioN FocusMe, Oceania: PentanetGG

Tom Martell, who is the Riot Games’ worldwide director of operations, drew to allot the three groups via using a computer program arbitrarily. Eleven groups will go to MSI this year, each triumphant in their regional league. They are separated into four pools, that split separated into three bunches. 

  • Group A – Royal Never Give Up (RNG), Unicorns of Love, Pentanet.GG
  • Group B – MAD Lions, PSG.Talon, fastPay Wildcats, paiN Gaming
  • Group C – DAMWON Gaming KIA, Cloud9, Infinity Esports, DetonatioN FocusMe

The 2021 Mid-Season Invitational tournament will be parted into three separate stages this year. These are groups, rumble, and knockout. The event will be started on the groups’ stage prior to going to the new rumble stage. Six leftover sides will at that point play in a more modest knockout game session. 

Schedule And Prize

The remaining 11 teams, excluding VCS’s Gam Esports who cannot go to the event because of COVID-19 travel limitations, will meet in Reykjavik, Iceland. The competition will start on May 6, semifinals on May 21, and finals on May 23. After the tournament closes in May, the last Worldwide Power Rankings for the 2021 season will be determined dependent on various factors. The most elevated positioning league will at that point get an extra slot as a result of MSI 2021 activity. As it at present stands, as indicated by the point framework Riot Games presented in 2017, the LPL and LCK are tied for the lead position with 49 points each. The current year’s MSI will grant eight points to the champions, four points for the seconds, and two points to every one of the semifinalists.