Get Better At Macro Gaming in LoL

Undoubtedly, your game knowledge is the primary key for your success. With enough knowledge, good management, practice and some luck, you will enjoy the game much much more. In this post, we will discuss the macro management part of the game.

Mıcro and macro gamıng

In short, we have two major areas to manage in LoL. First one is the micro gaming. Micro gaming is the smaller scale management that only includes your champion. For instance, using your skills properly, minion management, positioning etc.

Secondly, we have the macro gaming. It starts with thinking everything globally. Main parts of macro gaming are:

  • Selecting your champion and banning a champion that benefits the team composition
  • Properly placing wards, having a high vision score, pings
  • Creep wave management, freezing/pushing
  • Watching all other team members and helping them or punish enemy
  • Objectives such as jungle monsters, towers, inhibitors
get better at macro gaming in lol

Think global and get better at macro gaming in LoL to be a better summoner.

Team selectıon

It all starts with team selection. With a properly balanced team and good champion bans, your winning chance will increase. In lower divisions, one or more summoners will not take care of team composition and select an improper champion. Bans will not be great either.

With a LoL Smurf Account, everybody will take care of team composition since you are in a good division. You will have the maximum effect with it.

team selection screen

Macro management starts with this screen…

Map visıon and pıngs

Most LoL esports summoners have very high vision scores. To stay alive and win, vision control is a must. Pings are equally important. More communication means more chance to win.

A LoL Smurf Account can teach you how to have a great map vision and maximizing team communication efficiency.


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Creep management

No matter in which lane you are playing, you need to have good management for the creeps. If you know when to push or freeze, you may help the others and have easy kills.

If you want to get better at macro gaming in LoL, you must have good creep management. Watching others in high divisions is one of the best ways to learn it.


You can control them!


LoL is a great team game. One can fail and team can recover it. You must take of all team members. The team is as strong as the weakest player.

Punishing weak enemy players and helping weak team members is a great way to get better at macro gaming in LoL. In high divisions, you will simply experience no merciful punishments and learn from it.


A good Soraka with great macro management can save your team.

map objectives

Drakes, Rift Hereald and Baron are powerful creatures that empowers your team.  However you must a good sense of timing because of enemy team. If you fail, enemy team can steal them.

Remember the importance of vision? If you are in a high division, all the players will have great vision score. Thus, you will easily see what is happening. It is a great way to get better at macro gaming in LoL.


Timing is everything…