HandLeveled Accounts

Buy your level 30 handleveled accounts with best prices guaranteed. No ban risk, leveled by our in-house team. Will be delivered with full creation informations.

  • EUW Hand Leveled Accounts
  • EUW ARAM Hand Leveled Accounts
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High MMR Hand-leveled Accounts

Hand-leveled by playing normal games with a high winrate. Freshly hand-leveled this season by our team of professionals. Perfect choice for players has no time to play normal games in order to get high MMR’s. Accounts expectedly have over 2500+ MMR and will start on a way higher rank compared to ones hand-leveled with no normal games played or account with bad MMR. You can freely use these accounts on tournaments and as a professional/competitive player account.

How Does Normal Game MMR Affects My Ranked Games?

Freshly Hand leveled accounts with high MMR (2500+) starts way higher compared to ones with past season ranks or with low normal game winrate accounts. These accounts will also get high LP gains which you can end up getting +35 LP at masters. You will skip most divisions while climbing and enjoy the fun of getting high elo easily on your hand-leveled account.

Hand-leveled Accounts on ARAM

Hand-Leveled level 30 smurf accounts by only playing ARAM games. Freshly hand-leveled this season and you will be the first owner with complete access to account. Perfect choice for experienced/high elo players and to make it your main account. You can freely use these accounts on tournaments and as a professional/competitive player account.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you will have complete access to account credentials and you can change it freely.

No ban risk and 0% banrate. In any case, we offer life-time warranty on our hand-leveled accounts which means you will get a free account if your account gets banned by our fault.

Perfect choice for high elo players. ARAM Hand-Leveled accounts offers a completely fresh MMR. Leveled this season and will deliver with full creation informations for best experience.

LoL accounts leveled by real players, no botted, no ban risk and without using any third-party software. 

Yes ,we will deliver account credentials with e-mail access within minutes both via e-mail and through our website so you can change it to your own.