It’s important to potentially drop your ping (ms) in LoL play for a better game. Playing with high ping in the League of Legends online game can be quite frustrating. It is so important to keep track of different items, follow quick reactions and be successful in this game. It is also necessary to make quick moves in the LoL game. There is a fast combination process. Therefore, it is very essential to have a low ping level in order to be successful in LoL and climb the ladder to a higher level.

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Ping (MS) In LoL

Pinging is a very important factor when playing the LoL game. If there is a high ping while playing the game, this leads to major disadvantages for any player that will harm the gaming experience. Therefore, it is necessary to define strategies to reduce ping. The strategies set help to overcome the high ping (ms) in LoL play. However, it helps avoid playing with a high ping at startup.

What is a good ping in LoL? How to make a good ping in LoL? It is quite easy to have a good ping and follow it in the League of Legends game. When playing LoL, players make sure that the ping is always displayed on the screen to make sure it is not too high. So, they can check it out. To do this, click on the screen from the settings section to enable the change FPS image button function. When this is enabled, the ping is shown as always in the corner of the screen on the loading screen. Thus, players can easily follow the ping in LoL play.

What is a goodping in League of Legends? Professional players usually play with a ping of around 1. However, reaching a good ping in online games is quite difficult. One from 10 to 70 is considered normal and good on the EUW server. In addition, on the North American server, the ping may be higher. Therefore, ping differs depending on location, internet speed.

What Does Ping (MS) In LoL Mean?

Ping generally means latency. Ping in League of Legends shows how long it takes a data set from your device to a server and then back to the device. In other words, it is a term used to express a two-way delay in the system. In an online game such as League of Legends, actions such as pinging and navigating the map and casting spells can occur.