League of Legends meta changes in patch 11.9 affects many different champion features in the game. Diana, Dr. Many champions such as Mundo, Garen, Gragas, Hecarim, Heimerdinger, Jinx, Kayn will have different effects.

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League of Legends Patch 11.9 Notes

In the League of Legends 11.9 patch breakdown, the most effective changes have been added for the patch update. The patch update includes items, champions, summoner valley buffs, and adjustments. The changes and updates added by the patch have a significant impact on existing meta champions.

Lol Champion Rank List

What are the effects of the League of Legends meta changes in patch 11.9 on the meta? With the League of Legends 11.9 patch, Diana’s health regens and base armor growth decreased. This will affect Diana throughout the game. However, Mid, Jungle, and Top will affect Diana. Additionally, the bonus attack speed from Diana’s Passive has been reduced. This will reduce all of Diana’s pressure on all lanes and make it difficult for her to clear the forest. This is a very important change. Dr. Mundo’s armor decreased. With the new update, Dr. Mundo’s AD growth has also decreased. So, it will do less damage and will be less durable. 

Additionally, with League of Legends meta changes in patch 11.9 Garen’s resistance per stack has been reduced. However, they increased Garen’s kill limit from 120 to 150. So Garen will be less durable in the laning phase. Since Gragas’ damage has been reduced, this will be effective in every role. However, it maximizes this ability second. Therefore, this feature does not significantly affect the early game.

With League of Legends meta changes in patch 11.9 inovation, Hecarim’s base armor and armor growth has been changed. Hecarim’s Q damage per Stack decreased. Hecarim’s E damage also decreased. These changes are important changes that will affect not only Jungle Hecarim but also Top Lane Hecarim.  In addition, Heimerdinger’s W damage decreased at later ranks. This change will affect Heimerdinger’s laning phase. 

Also, since Heimerdinger is played in multiple roles, this change will affect Heimer in Mid, Top, and Bottom Lane. Jinx’s Q was dealing a lot of damage. The damage rate has been corrected to 175% with the new update. Darkin’s Q damage modifier has been slightly increased. This will add a little more power to her red build. So Blue Kayn will probably get better. Kog’Maw’s Q will lower the defense of enemies even more. In addition, Lulu’s waiting time has decreased. Morgana’s W will deal less damage to monsters.