What are lol smurf account 11.8 updates? In patch 11.8, new features have been added for everyone and for each character. Sharp movements, visual effects have been added. If you want to play with sharp movements in the game, you should choose Gween, who comes to the valley with his thread, scissors, and needle. There was also galactic music in the previous patch. In this patch, there is more different music. Rammus has been renewed with its armored shell, which is armed, and new abilities have been added. Glorious items have been adjusted in this patch. The Gnar character is more freed.

The Leblanc character appears suddenly and has the ability to deal a high amount of damage. He is a master trickster with his later disappearance. In addition, the forest clearing ability has been increased so that the character named Lee Sin can catch the foresters at the top. New updates have been added to the Rumble character. Even though Rumble was doing well in the mid lane, he couldn’t fight much in the top lane, so Rumble has been strengthened in both lanes. New updates have arrived in terms of power for both roles at lol smurf account for the game. The character named Zac has been buffed. Apart from these, forester changes have been made. Changes have been introduced to some unusual junglers and jungle champions.


lol smurf account patch 11.8 guide

Patch Notes for League of Legends 11.8

What are the patch notes for the League of Legends 11.8 game? The balance changes in the 11.8 game include buff champions and champions that are affected. Patch notes for the League of Legends 11.8 game will first appear on the PBE server. It was included in the original patch distribution with updates from the LoL smurf account for the game. The original patch has been added to the 11.8 notes. These updates are:

  • Snowballs,
  • Poros,
  • Health Relics,
  • Others.

What are the updates coming for snowballs? If you wonder the answer to the question that Snowballs have been updated to better match the hitbox. However, missile-labeled targets, which should be more legible in hectic team fights, will be reused.  VF accurate visual effects, new sound effects on missed in Snowballs have been updated, so, you know when to find them. However, there have been updates regarding Poros. A new Poro-Snax icon has been added. When Poro sees a Poro-Snax with hearts in his eyes coming his way, he pauses and opens wide. When the Poros acquire their Poro-Snax, new, small and cute visual effects are created. At the same time, vocal skirts have been added to it. New happy circles heart visual effects emerge as the Poros feed and be happy. Their hearts are in their eyes when they walk around them. Added heart visual effects that follow forever after feeding the Poro once.

However, after feeding a Poro 15 times and detonating a few Poros, new and more ritualistic Poro blast effects have been added. There are incoming updates on health remains. What are the updates to the LoL smurf account regarding health residues? New residual visual effects have arrived. So, the new pickup image, called the cross, has arrived. New improved visual effects have been added for anyone healing in the healing area. Apart from these, the updates are new and respawn effects. Also, the turret glow has been cleared. However, slightly falling cold smoke is added.

The following are the champions buffed in the 11.8 patch notes in League of Legends:

  • LeBlanc,
  • Cassiopeia,
  • Lee Sin,
  • Zac,
  • Aphelios,
  • Vladimir.

The following are the champions affected in the 11.8 patch notes in League of Legends:

  • Annie,
  • Yorick,
  • Thresh,
  • Orianna,
  • Gnar.

What are the updates on the Cassiopeia character from the champions? In the team fights at the end and the middle of the game, it clings tightly to the sound. This dependency causes him to suffer both in terms of freedom and power. Therefore, the need for it has been reduced with the new update. Updates in the Dr. Mundo character, on the other hand, the top lane is splintering and collapsing. Aphelios Champion’s lethal rank and weapon effects are given more space. Orianna has been made into a strip wizard in the game. He has strong team fighting power both in the middle of the game and in the safe early game lane. It has a very reliable source of damage. Early endurance in the early stages of the game has been reduced.

Balance Changes

Balance change damage on Darius, bleeding passive damage has been reduced from 500 to 400 at lol smurf account for the game. Ability damage has been reduced from 300 to 250 in Morgana. Rumble has also been reduced from 1.25 to 0.75 MR per level. However, the damage dealt to monsters is limited to 150 damage. The skill damage of the flamethrower has been changed. Yorick health reverted to 185. In Zed, forest monsters do not deal 500 additional damage per 100. The maximum damage limit is between 500 and 800 jungle monsters are dealt 300 damage from damage to epic monsters.