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LoL Smurf Account Side Lane Guide in Patch 11.7

While playing LoL on your lol smurf account, players who are more experienced in the game tell you that you need to change lanes if you go wrong during the game. In general, each team has a jungle in the game. The middle lane is always one lane. Depending on this tier, there will be a varying number of champions at the top and bottom.

However, the top lane is generally regarded as a single lane. Because the lower strip is closer to the dragon. Dragon is an important midgame goal. The dragon alone is tough and quite suitable for a 3-man dragon after a successful raid keeping two champions in the bottom lane. The upper corridor is closer to Barona. But killing the baron character takes more effort, as the champion in the ultimate single series has the advantage of leveling up and the potential to do more farming.

Bottom Lane champions to play on LoL Smurf Account

League of Legends Game is one of the most popular games in the field of e-sports. There are a wide variety of characters in the game. Players choose a corridor for themselves. The defined roles in League of Legends game are:

  • Top Laner,
  • Jungler,
  • Mid Laner,
  • Attack Damage Carry (ADC),
  • Support.

In addition, those who create the bottom lane in LoL are ADC and Support. The game’s bottom lane stands for ADC. The characters playing in the bottom lane in LoL; Ashe, Lucian, Miss fortune, etc.

Top Lane champions to play on LoL Smurf Account

The most important corridor of the Lol game is the upper corridor. Solo players play in the hallway. Solo means one person. So only one person plays in the top lane. The characters playing in the top lane are:

  • Darius,
  • Garen,
  • Nasus.

These characters are really very strong characters.

In order to win the game, it is important to choose your own region and play in this lane. Therefore, the players choose a Chevron for themselves in the game. However, Support and ADC always play in the bottom lane. He plays solo in top lane in LoL and Jungle in the forest. Mid plays in mid lane. Therefore, you have to choose and play one of these roles while playing the league of legends game.

Lol Smurf Account

You can start the game from 30 levels by purchasing an LoL smurf account whenever you want. After purchasing the account, you can change the nick and thus discover different stripes and different characters in the game. The smurf account is very important in order to reach the top leagues in the League of Legends game. Since your unranked account that you purchased is not your main account, you will be more courageous when playing games. Different champions can try