Make Your Own Riot Account

Every single player starts playing League of Legends (LoL) at level 1. There is a journey to level 30. Some good players level up faster than others and have great benefits such as a good MMR. We have some great tips for you about leveling.

what ıs mmr?

MMR is the abbreviation of “Match Making Rating”. It is a rating system for players’ skills. More MMR means better skills. It is related with winning or losing a game and how much do you contribute to it. If you win, you get positive MMR or vice versa. offers a great tool for learning your MMR.

benefıts of a hıgh mmr

During leveling phase, system will track your MMR. If you have a high MMR, your placement matches will be with good skilled players. Because of that, you will less likely to experience players with bad behaviors. Your leveling phase is really important for your future. So make your own riot account.

If you have a high MMR and playing ranked matches, that means you deserve a better division. Thus, you gain more LP as a reward. It will accelerate your climb to better divisions. With a good MMR, you may gain more than 23 LP by winning.

make your own riot account

26 LP with a win!!!

levelıng phase

In short, you will level up as much as you win. So winning is the key for fast leveling. In addition, you will have a high MMR. Here it is some tips for you:

  • Play with a champion that you can carry a game. Middle and top lane champions are great carriers.
  • Follow the current meta and play with strong champions.
  • Stick to 2-3 champions and master them.
  • Read our Macro Gaming Guide
  • Try to find friends and play together

Faster for more rewards and a high MMR

Benefits of Buying An Unranked Smurf Account

The obvious reason is all our unranked accounts have a high MMR. Leveling time is our cost. Thus, we try to level up an account as soon as possible to keep the costs down. So lots of wins and high MMR. For your placement matches, you will have better teammates and opponents. This means fewer feeders, fewer afk summoners, players with good macro gaming, and more…

Make your own riot account or buy an unranked smurf account from us. The decision is truly yours.


For a simple reason: Lots of Pentakills!!!