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Strongest Top Laners To Play on LoL Smurf Account

LoL Smurf account strongest top laners is about being able to leave and outrun an opponent. The upper corridor is a long strip. Top lanes are mostly for tanks or high damage champions. These champions effectively use the long side strip of the map to destroy enemies. There are usually 3 types of top lane champions in the game of League of Legends. These champions are hyper carriers, support style champions, and split pushers. The hyper carriers in the top lane have the power to deal massive damage to the enemy in one second. Split pushers drop a few items that transform into monsters and are found in a weak lane until they turn into a monster. Playing effectively in the upper and mid lane requires expertise. Playing effectively in the top lane requires sensible champion choices.

Top Lane Champions to pick on LoL Smurf Account

The strongest top lane champions in League of Legends are below:

  • Camille,
  • Malphite,
  • Pantheon,
  • Aatrox,
  • Darius.

One of the best top laners in the game is Camille. She has a strong ability. It has the ability to easily distinguish stationary transport vehicles. It can jump over walls. Malphite is a highly skilled character that can be easily mastered. Its unstoppable power is a killer that deals massive damage to enemies if timed correctly. Pantheon is a popular choice for top lane in the League of Legends game. Pantheon’s E-Aegis attack has the power to block sources of damage. Deals heavy damage to enemies it encounters. Aatrox has excellent power for top aisle selection. Deals high damage in battles. Especially with the arrival of new items, it has gained invincible power. Darius is one of the top lanes picks for the LoL game. It has one of the best damage outputs in the game. Darius kills his enemies from blood loss. He is a character who deals with insane rates of physical damage to his enemies. It can have more stamina with an item like Goredrinker. With it, it transforms into a monster shape in the top lane.

Lol Smurf Account

By purchasing an LoL smurf account for the game, you can enter the game gradually from the 30th level in the League of Legends. You can play in ranked games with the lol smurf account you will buy. Also, after purchasing the LoL unranked smurf account, this account will not be your main account, so you can play with whatever courage you want.