The Best Champions to Smurf at High Elo Patch 11.7

At high elo, every single update changes lots of things for you. You need to spend some time and try the changes. With the 11.7 patch, there is nothing major.


trinity force

The most important change of the patch is Trinity Force. Attack damage is increased from 25 to to 30. Attack speed is decreased from 35 to 30. That means more burst damage and less sustained damage.

In addition, the mythic bonus is changed as well. %10 attack speed bonus is replaced with 3 attack damage, 3 movement speed, 3 ability haste. Another burst damage increase.

We do not think the change will make much change at high elo since lots of builds do not rely on Trinity Force.


the best champions to smurf at high elo patch 11.7​


Tristana is nerfed with the 11.7 patch. She will have less base attack damage. High-elo players will notice the small difference. The base attack damage is down to 59 from 61.

Tristana still will be a popular pick. However, other alternatives will be played more.

Still Strong


Udry got the nerf of the century. 2 AD is gone!!! It will affect his speed, tankiness, lane pressure, almost everything. 66 ad to 64

With some time, we will definitely see if the Riot games is gone too far with the nerf.

Bye bye?


Popular support Thresh is nerfed with his w skills. Dark Passage will be less powerful. Maxing out the W will be impacted heavily. 60/100/140/180/220  60/90/120/150/180

You may need to think about different builds or maxing something else first. Thresh will be still a good support champion.

Weaker Late Game

The Best Champions to Smurf at High Elo Patch 11.7

Urgot , Aatrox top lane

Yasuo with Trinity Force mid or top lane

Tristana/Ashe bot lane

Leona bot lane

Volibear, Shaco jungle

The Best Lanes to Smurf at High Elo Patch 11.7

Wherever you are comfortable. Think about macro gaming.