The Best Champions to Smurf at Low Elo Patch 11.7

Riot Games continuously tweak and try to balance the game. With the 11.7 patch (read full patch notes here), there are some champion and item balances. We will give you some insight with low elo in mind.


trinity force

The most important change of the patch is buffs to Trinity Force. Attack damage is increased to 30 from 25. Attack speed is decreased to 30 from 35. That means more burst damage and less sustained damage.

In addition, the mythic bonus is changed as well. %10 attack speed bonus is replaced with 3 attack damage, 3 movement speed, 3 ability haste. Another burst damage increase.

Threefold strike now stacks on towers. Melee champions will enjoy quicker tower destruction.




Teemo’s E will deal %10 more on hit damage at all ranks. Thus, the change will make a hybrid on-hit Teemo smurf build much stronger.

Once Teemo leaves his passive, he will get a massive 5 seconds of additional attack speed instead of 3 seconds. In addition to the first buff, this will also increase hybrid on-hit Teemo smurf build damage.

Teemo is at the top of “The Best Champions to Smurf at Low Elo Patch 11.7”

Perfect counter-melee at top lane
yasuo classic


Yasuo’s base attack damage is buffed. A small increase of attack damage, from 2.2 to 3. This may sound small but effect will be huge. Yasuo with Trinity Force in mid lane will be a solid performer.

Legend is back at mid lane?


With the 11.7 patch, nothing is changed with Nasus. However, Trinity Force buff will make Nasus even more stronger. Combine his deadly Q and new mythic passive of Trinity Force, you will have the ultimate tower destruction machine.

More and more towers going down...

The Best Champions to Smurf at Low Elo Patch 11.7

Teemo hybrid on-hit top lane

Nasus with Trinity Force top lane

Yasuo with Trinity Force mid or top lane

Tristana bot lane

Leona bot lane

Volibear jungle

The Best Lanes to Smurf at Low Elo Patch 11.7

Top lane with a melee champion and Trinity Force

Mid lane and jungle are also viable

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