the coolest nicknames to take for lol

The Coolest Nicknames to Take for LoL

As known that LoL is the acronym of the League of Legends game. It is a battle game that is played with multiplayer and online all over the world. LoL is a strategy game and it is played as teams. Two teams face destroying other team’s area. You can kill your opponent and destroy towers to get a victory. To play the game, you must have a summoner profile and nickname. Your nickname will be seen in the game and your friends will find you on the screen. So, picking up one of the coolest nicknames is really effective while playing League of Legends. What are the coolest nicknames to take for LoL then?

Tips for Choosing the Coolest Nicknames for LoL

While choosing a nickname or player name, you can prefer silly, intimidating funny, cool, cute, upset, sneaky, flawless, amazing, or serious ones. It depends on your choice. Firstly, you must read the game naming rules. According to League of Legends gaming rules, you must choose a nickname that is at least 3 characters and no more than 16 characters long. Moreover, you can’t use the name ‘Riot’ in your nickname. Also, it is better not to use your personal information in it. Don’t give your real name, address, phone number, birthdates, etc. We advise you to choose a creative and original name. It must be unique for you. You just try to choose a word that describes you most. League of Legends is an online and multiplayer game, so your nickname will be recognized firstly by the other players. You must make a good impression and the other players don’t forget you. You can think that all the good and coolest nicknames have already been taken, but that is not true. The only thing you need is creativity.

Buying Unranked Smurf Accounts to Get the Coolest Nicknames

Smurf account or smurfing means buying a second account in order to disguise your original account, you can get any of the coolest nickanmes you want for your brand new lol smurf account and so you can play against other opponents who are less skilled. Imagine that you are above level 30 and by purchasing an unranked smurf account you can play lower level player. Otherwise, that is not possible. Unranked smurf accounts help you level up fast and easily. Also, you can practice new abilities and try new strategies by obtaining a new smurf account. At this point, you must create a different LoL game from your original one. Thus, nobody knows who you are and what your plans are.