What is Azakana?

The Azakana represents an evil race played in and appearing in the story of League of Legends from the mobile video game series that includes fantasy games which is an evil race of demon. They are predatory beings. However, they feast on negative emotions. They transform into a cruel demon shape by psychologically manipulating their prey before eating it. They increased their presence in the land with the increase of despair and death and has hunted characters like the immortal demon hunter Yone.

Biography of the Azakana

It is used as a term used in the League of Legend story to refer to little demons, so the first point of all demon’s existence begins from here. Azakana is a demon that feeds on humans and stimulates their prey by feeding their negative emotions. It eats its prey as a whole. In addition, they are evil creatures. They are hunted and fed before transforming into a true demonic form, and then have the ability to become powerful and monstrous. They were not a huge threat to the traditional Ionian inhabitants, but the Noxian invasion destroyed entire cities. It has left many people unburied, causing both despair and sadness in the land. Thus, the number of evils increased and strengthened day by day. They became cowardly, depressed, and angry by feeding on their emotions and hunting. The They later entered the spirit realm to consume the spirit of Yone, Yasuo’s older half-brother. On the other hand, Yone noticed the Azakana before they were exhausted, and it was a protracted war in the real world. Later, Yone prevailed, but the Azakana put a mask on Yone’s face with black magic.

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Yone and Azakana

Yone, a league of legends character who is in the spirit realm, has been trapped by the demons. Azakana is a small and parasitic demon. It is a demonic being that has not completed its development. They are creatures that have always existed in the soil. After the Noxian invasion, the number of these little evils continued to increase. Yone refused to die, and a mask was placed on her face. Yone was very concerned about this situation. So, Yone starts hunting demons to solve this mysterious situation. Later, he learns the real names of the creatures and that they are demons. He realizes that he can trap the demon in the mask that is empty. So, he decides to find his Azakana to find answers to all of his questions in the path of his destiny.