A smurf account is purchased to create a secondary account to play League of Legends. League of Legends game is a very popular MOBA war game around the world. It is a game that includes fantastic war characters.  This game creates an online multiplayer battle arena. LoL players get a smurfing account by creating a secondary account. After purchasing a Smurf account, you can play with other players who are not of the same rank. Smurf accounts are accounts where players start from a certain level without wasting time. In the game of League of Legends, it is necessary to reach a certain level and a certain level in order to progress, save degrees and participate in tournaments. In addition, you can start at level 30 by purchasing Smurfing in Lol. However, many professional players have many LoL accounts.

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Smurfing History

What is the date of the Smurfing account? The smurf or smurfing account originated in 1996 when two professional players mastered the game League of Legends and had to create unrecognizable accounts because they wanted to play with only a few people. These people used ”Smurfette” and “Papa Smurf” as their account names. The nickname has been applied. The smurf account is divided into two types. These are;

  • Low-Level Smurfs,
  • Elo Smurfs.

Low-level smurf accounts are for players looking for more fun and less competitive games. The players of these accounts are often not in the top positions.

Elo smurf account has high-ranking players who want to showcase their level, real skills. People with this account want to undermine the Gaming experiences of several players in the category. Most League of Legends players practice with smurfing accounts, improve themselves, and move up to higher levels. Thus, they participate in many tournaments. New measures are being taken to protect the team-based competition and tournament system. They ensure that lower-level teams are unfairly drawn against opponents who do not play within the system. In Smurfing accounts, players buy level 30 accounts.

Smurf Lol Buy

League of Legends game is one of the most popular computer fantasy war games nowadays. It has many beginners or professional players. The tournaments in the game are of great importance. Reaching a good level in the game takes a lot of effort, time, and money. That’s why when you buy smurf account for yourself, you start the game at level 30 and thus get the chance to participate in many tournaments.