In this article we will expand what smurf means in LoL and what are the downsides and upsides of having a LoL Smurf Account. Details are below…

What is “Smurfing”?

Smurfing in LoL means for playing on lower Elo’s instead of your main account. Smurfing players sometimes just want to have fun on lower elos or they can grind up to get good winrate’s and MMR which conclude in having really good LP gains.
Smurf players may have various reasons to play on a smurf account. We listed some of them for you;

  • Making a fresh start after having bad MMR and LP gains on their main account,
  • Getting better on a different role,
  • Getting better on a different or probably on a new released champion,
  • Playing with a lower ranked friend (known as Elo Boosting),
  • Basicly just playing for fun and trolling games,

What are the downsides and upsides of having a LoL Smurf Account?

There is not really a downside for Smurfing other than enemy team players most likely will have bad experience because of the skill gap between Smurf Player and them.
But in the other hand smurfing can be really useful for getting good MMR and LP gains. Smurf Players can get really high winrates (up to 90-95%) and climb divisions in a very high speed. It is also not rare to see division skips, this way they can climb even faster.

Can i get Banned for Smurfing?

No, you can’t. Smurfing is not against Summone r’s Code. As long as you don’t break Summoner’s Code you won’t have any problem for having a LoL Smurf Account.

Where can i Find a Smurf Account?

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