Why should you have more than one account in LoL? League of Legends game is a world popular war strategy game. Many pro gamers have multiple LoL accounts. A secondary account which is called a smurf account is the second League of Legends account that a player opens differently from their main account. LoL users and players who buy smurf accounts will have multiple accounts. LoL players with more than one account can make leveling up easier. They can play higher ranks and champions. However, LoL players with the second account experience different experiences. They find the opportunity to enter different corridors.

why you should have more than 1 account i̇n lol? 3

League of Legends Smurf Accounts

LoL players may want to log in to an account with lower attributes and play instead of playing in their own league. Their purpose may be to have fun and gain different experiences. That’s why LoL users and players who want to play with an LoL smurf account can level up in the game. People with secondary accounts called smurf can enjoy the game very well. What are the reasons why LoL players have multiple accounts and play with smurf accounts? There could be several reasons for this. Some of these reasons are:

  • Try and play a newly released champion,
  • Mastering a newly released champion,
  • To master different corridors,
  • Playing and mastering different roles,
  • Rise to higher levels,
  • Trolling, trying fun things,
  • Playing with friends who are in the lower league than him,
  • Making a start from scratch if the Elo of the main accounts is too bad, they can choose a smurf account for it.

Smurf Account Buy

How can you buy a Smurf account? Smurf account sales are available on many sites. For this, it is recommended to buy a Lol smurf account from a trusted site. By purchasing a smurf account, you will have the chance to start the League of Legends game at level 30.  In addition, when you buy an LoL smurf account, you get a lot of blue essences, items, and different champions. After purchasing the account, you can change your nickname for this account and enjoy playing games by opening your favorite champions. The smurf accounts you will buy are delivered instantly and you will be the first owner of these accounts. You can personalize the smurf accounts you have purchased as you wish. Thus, you can start to experience different corridors and different champions with the Lol smurf account you purchased.