Yone and Azakana Background Story

If you learn about the event between Azakana and Yone, we can tell the story of them. In the past, an Azakana had traped Yone, who lives in the spirit realm. Azakans are parasites and little demons. Azakana is a demon that has not yet completed its development. At that time, Yone’s soul had refused to die. The mask placed on his face had worried Yone. After that,  Yone has begun hunting Azakana to solve this mysterious situation. When he learned the real name of Azakana, he has begun to imprison him in empty masks by saying his name. Yone has decided to find her Azakana to find answers to mysterious questions and to go his own way. Yone defeats Azakana by imprisoning him in the mask. In short, Yone searches for Azakana’s name. So, when he says the name of Azakana, he can take off the mask and get rid of the demon’s power.

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Yone and Azakana

Even if Azakana was not a major threat to the Ionian inhabitants, the Noxian invasion destroyed all cities. During this invasion, Azakana left many people unburied, causing a great deal of despair and sadness in the lands of that period. Thus, the number and power of Azakanas continued to increase. The Azakana demon is hunted and fed with its emotions. That’s why he’s a demon who becomes depressed, cowardly, and angry. Later, Azakana enters the realm of the spirits to consume the soul of Yone, Yasuo’s older half-brother who is forced to kill in a duel. Azakana’s purpose is to consume and kill Yone’s soul. Yone becomes aware of the Azakana demon before Azakana consuming him. There is a real-world war between the two for many years, and at the end of this war, Yone wins. But Azakana puts a mask on Yone’s face. It does this by disrupting black magic.

Soon after Yone returns from the spirit world, another Azakana appears, named Kuro’sagol. During this Azakana spirit flower festival, she hunts Yasuo by disguising himself as a gentle elder. Azakana demon tortures Yasuoya. Meanwhile, Yone appears at the last moment. Azakana would have killed Yasuo if Yone had not appeared at the last minute. So Yone shows up and saves his brother. Yasuo decides to face his past instead of running away. Yone and his brother begin to fight the Azakana demon. After a short while, Kuro’sagol is sealed by the two brothers

Yone That Fighting Azakana

Yone is a character who fights against the demon of Azakana in the realm of the spirits. Yone’s mask is a mask adhered to with Azakana power. Also, Yone has Azakana’s sword. When Yone defeats Azakana, he takes Azakana’s sword. However, Azakana has many different masks. Each mask is a mask representing the Azakana it imprisons.